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August 29, 2014
Here’s some fantastic news for your Friday: On Thursday, the California Senate unanimously approved a new bill that defines sexual consent as a firm “yes” rather than a lack of “no.”


This is a big win for anti-rape activists, many of whom have been touting the necessity of an “affirmative consent” standard for years. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has the next month to sign the bill into law. If he does, schools across the state would be required to define consent before engaging in sexual activity as an “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” or risk losing state financial aid funding.

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August 29, 2014



Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 


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August 28, 2014

Anonymous said: I saw your post about online specials at Torrid, and I just wanted to share with you, and maybe so you can spread it on to your followers, that Torrid is also having the BOGO Free clearance in stores. Right now a lot of stores are marking down a TON of stuff that is full price on the site. I work at Torrid, and all our summer stock is on clearance now, and it is a great time to snag some stuff that is still really new if you can go to a store. Also, there's always free shipping to stores now!


This is fantastic news!! Thanks for sharing!

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August 28, 2014
Getting on your feet as a trans* young adult


Young adults these days are expected to start off falling behind in entering the world. Employment is limited, education is more expensive than ever before, and the struggle is much worse when opportunities are more limited due to discrimination. 

(Disclaimer: these links are almost exclusively for the United States. Feel free to add any additional information that you’ve found helpful. This is by no means a complete list, but it is what I have used and what I have access to. If it can help at least one person, I’ll be happy.)


Trans* friendly homeless shelters

Temporary space available

Colleges and universities with gender neutral housing (and here’s some more school related links)

If housing itself isn’t the problem, but instead what’s available in the house is, here’s where you can find free or discounted stuff like clothes


A quick guide for jobseekers 

Resume and cover letter help 

Trans* friendly job postings

HRC’s (yeah, I know they have problems with the trans* community, but bear with me) listing of businesses with the most trans* friendly policies
These will be the ones that ask for a preferred name on applications, have gender neutral employee bathrooms available, up to bigger picture trans* friendly healthcare and benefit plans

See what other people have to say about the company

Most job applications are online and can be completed at a local public library if your internet access is lost or limited


Point Foundation (opens for applications in November, rewards up to $100,000 and gives the student guidance and resources to succeed)

Markowski-Leach Scholarship ($1,500, only applies to San Francisco State University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley or University of California, San Francisco)

PFLAG (opens for applications in February, rewards up to $5,000, only for high school seniors and/or those entering their first year of college. Can also apply to the scholarship for your region.)

Scholarship search

Scholarship search app for smartphones

And finally

For when your soul starts to hurt and your eyes get tired from working through applications, anxiously waiting for rejection or acceptance letters, etc.

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August 28, 2014


The Game got a group of rappers from all over the country to come together for a song about Ferguson and it’s pretty important

also if you buy the track on itunes the money will go to the Justice for Mike Brown GoFundMe

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